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This site will allow karate-ka and other interested parties, to view pictures from our extensive archive, pictures that show some of the famous people who have helped make karate in general, and Shotokan in particular, the art it is today.

The pictures are in a compressed form, but we will allow downloads of the full sized images to genuine karate organizations. We will also eventually list video clips from our archive, and again these clips will be in a compressed format owing to bandwidth requirements.

We do license the use of our material and often require nothing more than a screen credit, depending on the use and length of certain clips. We also purchase karate film and video material if of a suitable standard and also subject to proof of Copyright ownership.

We hope you enjoy the images, and we will upload more material as we receive it and process it. If you have a specific need that isn’t listed, please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Mail: info@legendtv.co.uk